AMP Acupuncture and Medical practice offers Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine service

Learn about various benefits of the oriental medicine. We offer a number of alternative healing methods which provide patients with highest standard of health care in metro Denver area for many years.

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GigaLaser is a revolutionary, the world’s largest area of therapy laser 

The laser light provides energy to the cells and accelerates the natural healing process. The healing time for an acute injury is reduced from weeks to days. Chronic conditions start to heal and the immune  system starts to fight of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

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Herbs have played a major part in medicine for thousands of years.

Chronic conditions start to heal and the Oriental herbal medicine draws from a pharmacopoeia of thousands of herbs for specific conditions and it is all natural with no side effects. We customize herbs for every patients needs. Around two billion patients all around the world use the herbs from the Treasure of the East, Mongolian and Tibetan.

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Nutrition is Specific foods, vitamins and supplements are used to strengthen, rebuild, and balance the body.

Patient’s nutrition level can be detected by Quantum body Analyzer tester. We provide healthy nutrition advice based on each patient’s health conditions and test results. 

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AMP Acupuncture and Medical Practice is serving Metro Denver area for many years

It is a completely natural therapy. We use sterilized, disposable needles which are inserted into the body and high quality Chinese herbs to stimulate the body and bring it back into balance..

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