Fee Schedule

We will always explain our fees to you so you understand what our services will cost before you are committed. We do not believe in surprises and we will not ever send you a bill for something that you did not agree to.

• Evaluation:  All test package  $450(save $160)

• Oriental medical check up (Check pulse, tongue, ear spots, questioners)  $85

• Quantum body analyzer  $85

• Aura check  $50

• Iridology  $50

• Live blood cell test  $85

• Food safe Allergy test  $205

• Follow up  $40

Acupuncture  $95

GigaLaser therapy  $95

Moxibustion  $10

Cupping  $10

Gua sha  $10

Electroacupuncture  $95

Foot detox, reflexotherapy  $60

Apitherapy  $50

Energy therapy, Reiki  $95

Chrystal bed  $1.00 per minute

Ear candling  $20

Herbal patch  $15

Blood letting  $10

Injection therapy  $40

Herbal medicine, nutritional supplements  Prices vary

We offer prepaid packages: 10 treatments acupuncture+gigalaser  $1500 (save $400)

Acupuncture (house visit)  $160

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

We also offer Compass Payment Solution. This is an Easy Way to Finance! The technology behind this site will allow you to complete a short basic credit application. Within 15 seconds, you will see a pre-determination: Approval 

For your application: 

Provider name: AMP Acupuncture & Medical Practice

Provider’s ID: 010044220101

Provider’s Area code and Phone: 303 953 5393  

Click on the link below if you need a Health Care Financing.

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